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We have put together this onboarding and training plan to help you become familiar with your new QuickBuy Immediate Offer Solutions for sellers. After a few simple tutorials you will be able to hit the ground running!






Guiding thoughts

While this training program reviews process details to help you feel comfortable along the way, be sure to focus on the early stages of the process --such as buyer/seller discovery questions, understanding the cost of convenience, and knowing how to leverage instant offers to capture listings. In most cases, leads generated by the programs are conventional sale opportunities.


Meet Moving Station


What they can help with



What they can help with


Our company

Our objective is to support your success in the local marketplace.

Moving Station has been in business for more than 25 years. we are owned and operated by third generation real estate professionals who truly understand your business and your goals. QuickBuy has been a national iBuy solution longer than any other, for over a decade. We operate as a B2B company, behind the scenes to support our partners and their brands. Partners have included the Department of Defense, Zillow Offers (2017-2019), Home Services of America, Leading RE members, and the majority of senior living communities across the country.




Account Managers

Your brokerage has a dedicated QuickBuy account manager who will assist with training, marketing and agent questions.


Asset Managers

Every file submitted for an offer is received by a real estate asset manager, who has access to you local market data. Combined , the department has well over 100 years of real estate valuation experience. On average, our projected home sale value to actual sale is accurate within 0.6%



Your first glance



Milestones and Confirmation

Before submitting a property via the QuickBuy App, you will be required to confirm the following items in the App itself.


Verify the following in the App


Verify the following in the App

I understand the QuickBuy program and advantages to me as an agent

I attended a live or virtual QuickBuy Training class

I understand the QuickBuy Products and their benefits

I have read the training documents re: products and benefits

I understand how to request an Official QuickBuy Offer

I have downloaded the QuickBuy App and understand how to send photos and property DNA



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